About me

Welcome to the site of a free photographer!

My name is Andrey Orlov. Photography is a hobby of mine that started in the early 2000s, but I’ve only just begun to take it seriously. Some of my photographs, taken in the early years, somehow miraculously even ended up in international photobanks, although they were taken on ordinary soap dishes.

For me, photographs are more than a piece of paper or just pictures. With the help of photographs, you can capture the most unusual moments of life, the feelings and emotions of people, as well as events that are taking place in the world here and now, and much more. In general, I try to develop my hobby into something more.

This site is open to presenting myself to people from the best side, because in addition to a novice photographer, I am professionally engaged in the IT field — from setting up computer devices to creating and promoting websites. This site was made by me as an example of one of my works, as well as for the possibility of creative realization of my photography hobby.

Of the objects that I like to photograph are nature, animals, architectural structures, and much more. Today I try to start working with people, and for this I offer my services as an individual photographer.

Where this hobby will lead me, only time will tell. In any case, you should always try yourself in something new, otherwise life will be boring and uninteresting.

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